Repairs And Flashing

Unfortunately, most roofing projects today are sold like a “commodity”. Crews that “Get it off and on in one day” typically have little or no quality control. Due to the speed, lack of knowledge, and virtually no craftsmanship, the homeowner is the one who ultimately pays in the end. We specialize in the fixing of poor flashing work. At Hills Roofing, our craftsman custom fabricate flashings on site to fit your home exactly. From heavy gauge aluminum to copper, perfection is the only standard we follow.


This homeowner had a severe water leak at the lower corner of the “pocket” area, due to incorrect flashings. We removed and replaced the flashings, and installed a new pan. We also removed and installed all new roofing and flashings above the bay windows.

Front bay tear off and flashings

Grinding in the new custom flashings


After with gutter change and new flashing


Before with incorrect flashing on cedar roof

After with correct flashing

Stainless Steel saddle, pocket and flashing