I Think I Have Mold In My Attic… Now What?

Mold can commonly be found growing in attics. Attic mold growths can have a variety of causes. Inadequate ventilation is one major contributing factor. In northern climates warm moist air from people and their activities rises up toward and through the ceiling (around light fixtures , trap doors etc. ) where if the attic is well ventilated it passes to the outside. If the attic is poorly ventilated the moisture will condense on cool/cold surfaces where it can serve as focus for mold growth. When the temperature is very cold you may even have icicles growing in your attic.

Attic ventilation is crucial to the health of not only your home but you and your family. Many people with chronic allergies do not even realize that their home is the source!

Proper attic ventilation requirements are usually specified in local building codes but rarely followed by builders/remodelers. With today’s multiple roof lines and/or cathedral ceilings, there are variety of trades involved that rarely insure proper ventilation.

In minor cases mold can be seen growing on the roof framing very close to sites where moist air is passing through the ceiling. In the worst case, heavy mold infestation may be seen on most roof rafters and roof sheathing and/or attic insulation.

If the attic has light to moderate mold growth it may be sufficient to install attic ventilation. With some localized cleaning, you may not have to do more than this. However, if the attic has a heavy mold infestation, just correcting the ventilation is not enough. Complete removal of the mold and in extreme cases the insulation must be replaced as well.


Improper intake and/or exhaust ventilation

Insufficient and/or missing insulation

Blocked ventilation

Bath fan(s) exhausting into attic

High humidity

Roof leak(s)


When Hills Roofing Inc. arrives at your home, we will thoroughly inspect and evaluate your mold situation, from the interior and exterior. After the inspection , we will give you an assessment and a correct fix for your specific situation.

Talk to your Hills Roofing Inc. representative today for the remediation process that will solve your particular issue(s). The most important thing to remember is that we “Remediate” not “Encapsulate”, ask what the difference is!